Still don’t think I’m great? Then listen to these people:

“Mike is a great manager and has excellent news instincts. He is a pleasure to work with and understands what makes the news biz. tick. He’s able to “juggle” during a breaking story and has outstanding managerial and motivational skills.”
Harry Martin, Anchor, Fox 5/My 9 News New York

“Mike is a true pro and exemplifies calm under pressure. There is nobody better at handling breaking news. I highly recommend Mike for any position at any company.”
Maria Stephanos, Anchor, Fox 25 News Boston

“He is a news junkie, with an encyclopedic knowledge of news, be it local, national, or international. He couples this with a management style that commands respect. Mike keeps great attention to detail, and never loses his cool. He produces a product that we can all be proud of.”
Dick Brennan, Reporter/Anchor, Fox 5 News New York

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